About City of Weihai in China

With an area of 5797 square kilometers, Weihai is located in the easternmost of Shandong peninsula, which stands between Beijing and Shanghai, and off the west coast of Japanese Archipelago and Korean Peninsula across the sea. It is one of the major coastal holiday resorts in Northern China.

Awarded by the United Nation as one of the Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment, Weihai is a beautiful homeland that offers human being with the most amiable living environment, which is among the First Batch of China Excellent Tourism City. Tourists from all over the world glorify Weihai as one of the top 10 internationally popular tourist cities in China and give it the reputation of Blue Sea Leisure Capital and World Class Urban Habitat.

Weihai lies on the boundary of the northern hemisphere, and owns a thousand-kilometer coastline and rich Four S resources (including sunshine, seaside, sea water and sea food) which are highly valued by internationl tourists. Along the coastline there are many hot springs, golf courses and scenic spots. All of that endow the city with congenital condition to be a high-end holiday resort.

Profoundly and historically bonded with UK, some British people in Weihai have tried to build this city into a European Holiday Resort in China about 100 years ago. Therefore, many European-style architectures have been reserved. The first golf course of China was built by British people on Liugong Island in 1902. In 1987, Cheltenham city of UK established sister-city relationship with Weihai, hence the first sister city of Weihai.