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2008 ICEPT Conference Location

Important Date:
June 09, 2008
Deadline for call for paper
June 16, 2008
Results of paper review
June 17, 2008
Start for registration of the conference
July 14, 2008
Deadline for registration
August 6,2008
Start of the conference


Paper submission and review for the conference
1. Please make submission by email papers of full text to the following email addresses:



2. The host will carry out paper review and proclaim review results on the website of the conference of June 16, 2008.

3. Paper of full text is required to write in either English or Chinese by WORD processing from the left to the right of A4 paper, and the paper length is limited to be less than 15 pages. Those written in Chinese are required to present an additional abstract in English. Also, attached with detailed contact information, included (name, title, affiliation, mail and email address, phone or cell, and fax).

4. Papers will be sent to two referees for blind review for acceptance or Reject.

5. The proceeding with an ISBN number will be made.

6. For more details, please contact
Dr. Chich-Jen Shieh

Submission Guildline


With the great achievements of 2007 The International Conference on Industrial globalization and Technology Innovation in Shanghai, the Association is holding 2008 The International Conference on Industrial globalization and Technology Innovation in Nanjing. The Conference encourages experts and scholars all over the world to publish and share their research outcomes and learn from each other by exchanging views. Under the tide of internationalization, and facing both the pace of technological reform and the trend of collapse of investment barriers, it is hoped that the exchanges in the Conference helps individuals and corporations understand the models of industry internationalization and the corresponding strategies.

Conference Date:
Aug.6 2008~ Aug.8.2008

Jinhui hotel (Chinese:掴奨署R寄焼糾)
No.288 BaiXia Road, Nanjing China
PC: 210001

1. Scholar
2. Businessman
3. Student
1. International Marketing Management
2.International Human Resource Management
3. International Financial Management
4. International Business Management
5. International Production and Operation Management
6. International Trade Practices
7. International Economic Issues
8. Industrial Development Strategy
9.WTO Issues
10 Globalization and Economy
11 International Business Communication
12. Information Management and E-Business
13. Higher Education
14. Educational Administration
15. Logistics Management
16 E-Commerce
17. Innovational Management
18 Technology Management
19. Knowledge Management
20.Global Logistics Management
21.Global Leadership
22 Product Design and Management
23 Human Factor
24. Others


Journal Publication


Call for Paper starting
Conference Registration Form
International Association of Organizational Innovation
Taru publications
Nanjing Audit University
Chang Jung Christian University
Far East University
Southeastern Louisiana University
Fortune Institute of Technology
Leader University
Swinburne University of Technology
Aletheia University
National Ilan University
Contacts Dr. Shieh, Chich-Jen
Phone886-6-2785123 Ex2157
E-mail charles@mail.cjcu.edu.tw

Paper Submission Email Address:




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